How gamer couples can be bad.

So, my boyfriend comes into the video game store I work at on occasion. I’ll join him at the PS3 rack where he’ll ask me to suggest some games for him. I’ll look through them and suggest games I’ve heard are good, such as God of War Saga, or Batman Arkham Asylum, or Bioshock and he’ll turn them down and go with games I’ve heard are terrible.

However, if I pick up the game, suddenly it IS worth playing, I picked up Arkham Asylum; I’m a cheapskate so it had to get pretty low in price for me to throw down the cash. I take it home. I get a ways in and get mildly stuck after Batman’s second acid trip. He takes the controller, gets me unstuck… and plays… and plays… and plays… and an hour later I come back to see him so fucking lost a walk through couldn’t get his ass back out.

I had to start over.

That’s why you don’t hand over a controller unless you can change the save file.








I think people really underestimate what this means to Edna, though. She designed /all/ those costumes, and is painfully aware that those heroes died because of it. When she says ‘I never look back, darling’, she means it: if she focuses on the people who her designs killed, it would cripple her ability to move on.








It’s not your body anymore, when there is a baby present. Carry that child to term responsibly, or you’re a murderer.

No, I’m sorry, but that’s idiotic.  It’s my body no matter what.  If I wanted to get an abortion i’d get a fucking abortion regardless if that made me a murderer in someone who doesn’t have to actually carry a baby’s eyes.  Birth control being more widely available is a serious issue.  You’re stupid if you think every situation that leads to abortion makes someone a murderer.  11 year old gets raped by her cousin “No girl, you carry that child, you squeeze that out of your currently underdeveloped vagina.  It’s the right thing to do.  You’re a murderer if you don’t.  Who cares that it’ll emotionally scar you for life and you’ll forever be reminded of it every time you look at your child or cousin.  It’s the humane thing to do.  If you were older you’d understand.”  Shit, the same thing happened to a nine year old “Who the fuck cares if you’re only a baby yourself, you’re totally going to go through with this, I don’t care if it’ll nearly kill you or damage your insides.  Raise that baby like a good non-murderer.”  

Then we go overseas where it’s all “You’re pregnant out of wedlock, let’s stone you to death instead of giving you and others like you birth control or the option to abort.  I’m sorry that we live in such a fucked up society that if I force myself on you and get pregnant you’re still the one who is shamed.  Wait no I’m not, suck it up and deal with it”, “You’ve been told your baby is dying in the womb, no abortion for you girl, you have to keep it and die of blood poisoning.  Too bad we could have avoided it if we were more understanding of a woman and her body”.

Open your eyes for God’s sake.  You can’t even get pregnant, you’re a man and I get that you have a right to your unborn child and the potential for mental trauma.  But you personally are not at risk of dying from pregnancy complications.  You personally are not at risk of being shunned by your community and killed for carrying someone elses child.  You personally are not having to carry the mental and physical scars of going through an unwanted pregnancy with your potential rapists child.  You personally are not at risk of being considered used, dirty and unwanted because of something you could have avoided if proper health care was available to you.  You aren’t personally responsible for raising a child (or person with mental capacity of a child) who also has a child because “Abortion is murder in all circumstances”.

It’s not your body either, and until you have to deal with everything above then you cannot tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

My roommate, laying it the fuck down.

Reblogging again because I really needed that ignorance to be addressed, and it was, and I needed that.

I went on smackintyre’s blog and the latest post was one talking about how the friendzone exists like oh my GOD, be more of a stereotype, I dare you

Game Store Problems

I work at a small video game chain and there are so many things I hate about it. This is one of them:

I’ll be working, and we have a policy that we test every system that comes through the door. I’ll hook up the system, put in a game, and play long enough to ensure the disc reads and to test all the buttons on the controller. Cue entering douchebag:

"Oh, man! Y’all just play video games all day? I would rock at this job"

Me: “This job’s actually more about computer systems and organizational techniques, but if you’d like to put in a resume you’d be welcome to.”

Douche: “Yeah, but I know so much about video games. I’ve had every system and played all kinds of games.”

Let me tell; you, I don’t care how many game systems you had. I don’t care how many games you’ve played. Knowledge about the quality of games is about 8% of the job of a game store employee. That’s like going to a restaurant and saying you’d be a great waiter because you’ve eaten tons of food.

The day I realized I’m a gamer girl is when a male coworker told me his girlfriend dumped him. They went out from time to time, but whenever they were just hanging out they either played video games, watched movies, or had sex. Apparently, she was sick of it and dumped him. He asked me what else there was to do…

I couldn’t think of anything.